Rajapalayam gets its name from the name of the community that is dominant here Rajas or Rajus a Telugu speaking community that had migrated from Andhra Pradesh centuries ago. We belonged to Andhra Kshatriya Rajus, migrated from coastal Andhra Pradesh via Vizagapatam, East and West Godavari, Krishna and Guntur Districts of Vijayanagar Empire.The exact timing of the settling of Raju people in this specific area is not established, but believed to have happened as a consequence of collapse of Vijayanagara empire and the arrival of Rajus as administrators or commanders to this region.

We have four GOTRAS viz., Vasista, Dhananjaya, Kasyappa and kaundinya having 12, 9, 3 and 2 house names under the four Gotras. For Engagement and Nichayartham, we have tradition to register the bride / bridegroom names in Savadis (Palayapalayam, Sakkaraja Kottai, Singaraja Kottai and Pachamadam).

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